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Cypress Counseling is a naturally empathic therapy practice
for artists, healers, and couples who are walking a spiritual path.

All persons are created in relationship, become who they are in relationship, and are both wounded and healed by relationship.

Conversation - the verbal and nonverbal exchange of energy and information - determines the quality of our relationships. And the essential quality of a thriving relationship is predictable and reliable safety.


Therefore, all conversations must be safe.

What We Offer

Cypress Counseling, LLC specializes in psychodynamic psychotherapy for adult individuals, couples and families, and in exploring ancient traditions of healing, influenced by shamanism.


We are dedicated to fostering healing, growth and empowerment through clients’ selves, each other, and the natural world.

How We Work

My approach to psychodynamic psychotherapy is informed by training, research and years of anecdotal experience.


My practice is influenced by Buddhist meditation, shamanism, herbalism and wilderness adventures. In working with clients, I can employ techniques from Myers Briggs, Enneagram, mindfulness, aromatherapy, dream work, EMDR and shamanic astrology.


The fundamental grounding of any session is being present with the client, establishing a therapeutic alliance and holistically responding to the client’s needs and goals for therapy.

Treat yourself as your own beloved child.

Pema Chodron


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