We provide psychotherapy services to children, adolescents and adults

We work with individuals who are:

  • experiencing a transition in health, career or relationship
  • feeling depressed, fearful or anxious
  • grieving a loss
  • in need of support for an addiction
  • recovering from relationship or family violence
  • entertaining existential questions
  • becoming new mothers
  • experiencing post partum depression
  • integrating and accepting their sexual orientation
  • exploring or transitioning their gender
  • strengthening a new relationship or marriage
  • learning to understand anger
  • looking for psychodynamic/psychoanalytically informed therapy

We work with couples who want to:

  • improve communication
  • navigate complex topics like sex or finances
  • explore starting or strengthening a family
  • considering a break up or divorce

We also offer adult therapeutic groups that focus on:

  • Meditation
  • post partum depression/anxiety
  • birth trauma
  • LGBT relationships
  • adolescent girls (14-17)
  • recovery from drugs and alcohol

We also offer the complimentary services of Ayervdic Medicine, Birthing From Within, GAPS & Reiki. See our About Us section for more detail.


Post Partum Depression

Following the birth of a child, some new mothers (and a small percent of new fathers or partners) experience mild depression, a condition popularly referred to as “the baby blues.” Ten percent of new mothers experience a more severe form of distress, which is called postpartum depression, or postnatal depression. Additionally, some women experience more anxious feelings. The overwhelming feelings of anxiety can be as difficult as depression and can be worked through. Trauma during birth can also come up in confusing ways postpartum.

The symptoms of postpartum depression are similar to the symptoms of depression, including lethargy, sleep and eating disturbances, and persistent sadness or mood disorder. These symptoms can arise weeks, months and even a year after the birth of baby. This, and the fact that men as well as women can suffer from this condition make postpartum depression less of a psychological disorder and more of a temporary condition that reflects a profound change in lifestyle, a hormonal shift (for women), and the likely absence of sufficient emotional and social support for the new parent.

Treatment for postpartum depression, therefore, not only includes traditional psychotherapy and counseling, but also includes practical assistance with creating social support systems and identifying applicable community resources for the new parent.

Please contact me to schedule a consultation - McKenzie Casad, LCSW (757) 553-2780,



Shamanic Astrology is a life purpose oriented approach to astrology that assists an individual in understanding his or her true life intent. This unique form of counseling looks at the natal chart as an archetypal blueprint revealing the essence of our original life dreams. Unlike mainstream astrology, this shamanic approach looks at the whole horoscope and the interactive relationship between all of the different planets and symbols on the chart. This system is based on the Hermetic Principle which says, "As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without." It is coming from the belief that the cycles and patterns of the planets and constellations are the same as the cycles and patterns occurring within ourselves. Therefore, we have the ability to consciously choose to participate with our own initiatory transits and move more fully into our life purpose.

A personal Shamanic Astrology reading involves your birth date, time of birth and your birthplace. I provide you with an in-depth look at who you are astrologically and provide you with an awareness of the timeline of your life, including a brief look into the future. Having the information can give a person a set of clues as to how he or she is moving down the path set forth by your natal chart.

With this schematic, astrologers can get a window into your life, general decision-making processes, relationship parameters, underlying current of your work and the purpose and direction of your life. Each astrologer has their own interpretation, even those who are Shamanic Astrologers. My purpose is to deliver the information to you with clarity, compassion, without judgment and with as much accuracy as I can. The information is meant to offer insight, awareness and opportunities for you, but not to predict the future. In all, my goal is to empower one’s self to reach your greatest potential through a shamanic astrology reading. But it is up to you to take advantage of the information.

The zodiac signs are archetypal energy that we will discuss in-depth:

  • Aries - Warrior, Individualist, Beginner of things

  • Taurus - The Lover, Enjoyer, Appreciate Nature

  • Gemini - Eternal Youth, Entertainer, Communicator, Trickster Magician

  • Cancer - Nurturer, Father, Mother
  • Leo - Queen, King, Self, Leader

  • Virgo - Priest or Priestess, Dedicated to Sacred Work
Libra - Wife or Husband, Partner, Peacemaker, Diplomat

  • Scorpio - Magician, Sorceress, Knower of Deep Inner World

  • Sagittarius - Hero or Heroine's Quest, Adventurer, Philosopher

  • Capricorn - Responsible Elder, Business Person, Manager, Elder

  • Aquarius - Avante-Guarde Revolutionary, Idealist, Universal Visionary

  • Pisces - The Empathic Man or Woman, the Compassionate, Mystic, Dreamer

I have been studying astrology; specifically Shamanic Astrology and have been offering Natal Chart Readings to individuals, couples & groups on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays in my office on Main Street or in my home. If you or anyone you know is interested please call or message me; (804) 651-3941.